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aboutGolf Technology

It was only after trying just about every simulator out there that our owners Craig and Ronette decided to use aboutGolf simulators for Golf District.

aboutGolf was made by golfers, for golfers with only one goal in mind, to create the most realistic and accurate golf experience for indoor golfing.  You won't find any floor mounted radar trackers here.  The ceiling mounted 3Track system is able to measure your swing from mere inches of you hitting the ball and gathers all of the information necessary to project it onto the course with pinpoint accuracy.


Have you had issues with putting indoors and having to overshoot on simulators before? 

With aboutGolf, putting stays true-to-life, with foot-to-foot play like it does on the real course. You'll even have a grid that appears to show you the break, and you guessed it, you adjust your aim into the screen just like you would on a real course to sink that putt.

3trak technology at golf district
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Revolutionary 3Trak Technology

aboutGolf’s 3Trak Technology instantaneously measures everything from club speed and angle to ball spin and dispersion pattern to provide you with a detailed look at how your game is progressing.

In Depth Analytics

View every data point from every shot on the range to help improve your game.

You'll be able to analyze your total carry, club speed, angle, spin, and everything in between. 

golf district in depth analytics
indoor virtual golf simulators at golf district

Premium Simulators

Spacious, fully enclosed simulator bays make it feel like you're playing on your own personal golf course rather than looking up to see everyone else tee off.  

The courses are projected onto the screen in front of you with a crystal clear picture.

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